host static sites with

make a repo at and instantly create a site visible anywhere.

quick setup

set up your repository

to create a page at, make a public repository named pages on, and get ready to add your static files to the main branch.

alternatively, you can make a page for a project at by creating a new empty branch named pages in your repository.

upload your files

HTML, CSS, fonts and images, and whatever else you'd like. just be sure to push to your repo!

also, keep in mind uses a cache. updates may not occur for a few minutes. you can force a cache update by hard-refreshing (Ctrl+Shift+R)

that's it!

you can now access your page at or is open source, and anyone with a Gitea/Forgejo instance can host it. Clone the source code and get a server, and try it out!

custom domains

to use a custom domain, create a .domains file in your repository with the domain you'd like to use.

then, add a DNS CNAME record on your domain pointing to [[branch.]repo.]

for apex domains, where CNAME records don't work, just add an A record pointing to, an AAAA record pointing to 2605:a142:2135:4519::1, and a TXT record with the content [[branch.]repo.]